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Why invest through Beanstock?


Two hours of 1 on 1 coaching with an expert

Tools and resources to learn everything about real estate

Property search

Search through hand-selected, verified properties

Get help and advice from your dedicated advisor at every step


Let us handle your mortgage application paperwork

Our experts negotiate the best rates for you


We handle the price negotiation process

Say goodbye to paperwork: Beanstock takes care of making the offer and closing the deal


Realisation of the renovation works and furnishing of the property

Property management

Tenant finding and management services provided by Beanstock (and free for the first year!)

Tracking and optimisation

We connect you with best-in-class accountants to handle your tax returns

Lifetime access to our experts and advisors

Free tools to track your portfolio's performance

Why invest through Beanstock?
New to real estate investing?
Talk to our expert team, Beanstock offers you a 1-1 coaching session with a buy-to-let expert.
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How are Beanstock properties selected?

Our team of experts hand-select properties that:
  • respect the local rent regulation,
  • are located in high rental-demand areas.
They also inspect and verify:
  • the quality of the property (layout and needed refurbishment)
  • the quality of the building (ongoing legal procedures, utilities, upcoming repairs, etc.)

How much does the Beanstock service cost and what does it include?

Beanstock charges a 7.5% fee of the purchase price with a minimum of €10,000 and a €500 service fee.
This fee includes:
  • a comprehensive analysis of the buy-to-let investment projet
  • access to a dedicated advisor
  • property price negotiation
  • mortgage application
  • mortgage brokerage
  • interior design consulting
  • preferred rates for best-in-class contractors
  • tenant finding
  • one full year of property management

What's different about buying a property through Beanstock?

Before Beanstock, no platform allowed investors to obtain detailed financial and qualitative information about buy-to-let investments while making the transaction itself seamless and cost-effective. Through Beanstock, you can make viewings, run numbers, get transparent and immediate advice, make an offer and manage your property in a few clicks - no prior experience needed.
  • The whole value chain of buy-to-let investing is integrated to our platform: earching, purchasing, selling, financing, repairs, management…
  • All the information you need is made available: net yield, capital growth potential, local knowledge about the neighbourhood… Your investment needs to be educated and transparent
  • No geographical barriers: you can access quality opportunities anywhere
  • Every property is hand-selected and vetted by experts
  • Access detailed analyses and assessments to evaluate and compare the different neighbourhoods
  • Our advisors are here to help you at every step.

I am interested in investing. How do I start?

If you're new to buy-to-let investment, you can book a 1-on-1 coaching session with a Beanstock expert.
If you're ready to invest, sign up to access our exclusive properties and receive our latest investment opportunities.
You can also schedule a call with your dedicated advisor to answer any questions you may have and help you at every step!