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What is Beanstock ?

Beanstock is the leading marketplace for investing in buy-to-let real estate in Europe. It allows anyone to purchase, sell and manage property investments. We provide research, analytics and insights to assess the potential of a property to become a relevant investment. From viewing the properties and their diligence to connecting with financing and property management services, Beanstock makes real estate investing incredibly simple, transparent and cost-effective.

What’s different about buying a property through Beanstock?

Before Beanstock, no platform allowed investors to obtain detailed financial and qualitative information about buy-to-let investments while making the transaction itself seamless and cost-effective. Whatever your background, you can now make an educated decision on your real estate investment with the proper information and with little to no time spent on the transaction. Through Beanstock, you can make viewings, run numbers, get transparent and immediate advice, make an offer and manage your property from your computer. Beanstock makes the attractive financial benefits of buy-to-let investing, including monthly cash flow and capital appreciation potential, available to a much wider audience that can invest in properties over a much broader geographical area than previously possible.
  • The whole value chain of buy-to-let investing is integrated to our platform: searching, purchasing, selling, financing, repairs, management…
  • All the information you need is made available: net yield, capital growth potential, local knowledge about the neighbourhood… Your investment needs to be educated and transparent
  • No geographical barriers: you can access quality opportunities anywhere
  • Our customer support is here for you at any time between your signup to your resale

Does Beanstock own the properties listed on its plateform?


How does Beanstock protect my personal information?

Beanstock is in full compliance with legal requirements regarding personal data protection.

How does Beanstock make money?

Beanstock’s pricing is transparent: we take a 7.5% fee on the price of the property you purchase with a minimum of €10,000 and a €500 service fee. Beanstock does not make money while making recommendations for a partner (financing, repairs, lawyers, notary…) which makes it possible for us to make unbiased connections.

Is Beanstock a licensed real estate broker?


What services does Beanstock offer?

  • Searching, viewing and analysing properties before listing them
  • Potential rents, appreciation and repairs estimation
  • Unbiased and independent connection to selected partners at each step of the road: financing, repairs, accounting, notary, lawyers...
  • Training and online courses to help investors make educated calls
  • Transaction management - you’ll get constant support throughout the transaction
  • Customer support - before, during and after the transaction, our team will make sure your investment is efficient and takes you little to no time

I am interested in investing. How do I get started?

As a beginner:
  • You can browse our blog for additional information
  • Then, you should feel free to book a meeting with one of our advisors that will answer any questions or doubts you may have
If you’re more experienced:
  • You can sign up to access our investment opportunities, estimate your borrowing capacity, use filters to browse relevant properties based on your criterias and make an offer directly on our platform
  • Of course, you should feel free to book a meeting with one of our advisors that will answer any questions or doubts you may have
You can already register and access all our properties!