The investor’s kit

How much should I borrow? In which city should I invest? What surface area should I buy? What taxation fees am I subject to? Should I invest in rental or buy my main residence?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right place. We created the investor kit for you: innovative tools and exhaustive analyses to invest with complete peace of mind!

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Simulate your financing capacity in 5 minutes

Not sure how much you can borrow? How much contribution do you need? Simulate your financing capacity in 5 minutes to know your budget!

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Your situationYour incomeYour expensesYour assetsYour budget is€320,000


Calculate the profitability of your real estate investment

Calculate the real profitability of your investment and anticipate your foreseeable expenses thanks to the most efficient net yield simulator on the market!

Simulate my net yield
Initial investmentAnnual expensesAnnual income5.0%Net yield4.7%Real profitabilityexcluding capital gain5.1%Real profitabilitywith added value


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Monthly loan payment

Calculate the amount of your monthly credit payments


Notary fees

Estimate the notary fees for your real estate purchase


Buy-to-let simulator

Compare Buy-to-let to other investment types


Rent control

Find out the rent to apply in cities with rent caps.



Where to invest?

Find the location of your future rental investment thanks to our detailed analyses and our comparison of the most interesting cities.

4.8Paris3.9Toulouse4.2Lille5 pcs2 bdrm230 m²1 ba4.2BordeauxRoom8/10Potential added valueaverage5.5%ProfitabilityPotential added valuelow3.6Nantes


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Target profitability 4.4%
Minimum budget €100,000


Target profitability 4.5%
Minimum budget €85,000

Le Havre

Target profitability 4.5%
Minimum budget €85,000


Target profitability 5.0%
Minimum budget €60,000

Expert advice

The ultimate guide to successful investing

A successful rental investment is first and foremost a well-thought-out investment: mortgage, net yield, taxation, rental management and many other subjects to master! That's why we've created the ultimate guide to successful investing that brings together information and expert advice to help you see things more clearly!

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