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I work with Beanstock on a regular basis and have always had great success with quality clients who are serious and committed to their projects. A hand in hand partnership always committed to the interest of the clients. I recommend them 100%!

. Laurent Guetta .
Director, ERA Immobilier

A very interesting solution adapted to our needs because for us, a serious buyer means less stress and precious time saved!

. Paul Mougenot .
Estate agent, D’une maison à l’autre

As a real estate agent, my partnership with Beanstock saves me precious time for transactions on my buy-to-let properties. No cancellations, no hassle, and Beanstock ensures that I get qualified buyers.

. Jérémy Vieira .
Independent agent, IAD


How much will I gain if I sell my property through Beanstock?

The Beanstock commission will depend on the listing conditions negotiated for every property.

Which properties are eligible to be listed on Beanstock?

Only profitable buy-to-let properties are listed on Beanstock. Our experts can share with you specific criteria for the areas where you’re operating.

How to contact Beanstock if I have a buy-to-let property?

You can reach us by email at [email protected] or call us on +33 1 76 31 05 03

Does Beanstock handle the whole sales process?

Beanstock takes care of all the listing process, from viewings to closings.